If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, congratulations – that’s definitely an achievement worth celebrating!

Now that you’ve lost the weight, though, you may be concerned about the excess skin that’s preventing you from showing off all of your hard work. If so, you’re not alone; a large amount of weight loss can create sagging skin around key areas like the thighs, lower back, and stomach. The reason why is simple – skin elasticity may not be able to keep up with significant weight loss.

As a result of excessive sagging skin, many patients are interested in undergoing a lower body lift procedure. A lower body lift is a surgical procedure that removes sagging skin from around the stomach, outer thighs, lower back, buttocks, and mons pubis. The lower body lift also lifts and tightens tissue in these areas, thus ensuring that sagging is a thing of the past.

The end result makes it possible for you to show off all your hard work and weight loss!

The cost of a lower body lift can vary from surgeon to surgeon. At Surgical Arts of Virginia & Ageless Innovations Medical Spa, a lower body lift procedure costs around $9,500. This cost includes general anesthesia, surgical fees, prescription medications, and other costs associated with the surgery. The final price of your lower body lift will be determined during your consultation.

Interested in undergoing a lower body lift, but want to know more about how much it might cost?

If you’re in the Fredericksburg, VA area and are interested in learning more, you can contact Surgical Arts of Virginia & Ageless Innovations Medical Spa at 540-371-7372. Board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Shane Palmer can walk you through the lower body lift process, as well as give you an accurate estimate as to how much your procedure will cost.