Hand Rejuvenation Fredericksburg

Don’t let your hands betray your age!  The hands often age faster than the rest of us because of the constant trauma of day to day living.  The show of tendons and veins as well as sunspots and poor skin tone are the result.  Even if you have maintained a youthful appearance in your face and neck, yours hands can look aged!  Many don’t realize that there is a safe, effective treatment strategy to restore more youthful appearing hands.To restore your hands to a more youthful state, I employ three modalities.

  1.  Restore Volume.  This can be accomplished with filler, but the preferred method is fat transfer to the tissue immediately beneath the skin.  This diminishes tendon and vein show.  The stem cells in the fat will also contribute to rejuvenation of the overlying skin.
  2. Get rid of Spots.   I use intense pulsed light (think photofacial) to get rid of unsightly spots and spider veins and to help stimulate collagen production.
  3. Resurface Skin.  I use a fractionated Erbium laser (Pixel) to tone and thicken skin.

This treatment strategy leads to an immediate and long term improvement in the hands so they no longer betray you!  Call my office to schedule a meeting with me so we can discuss repairing your hands.

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