Mommy Makeover Fredericksburg


As a cosmetic surgeon, I especially enjoy performing the “Mommy Makeover” because of the remarkable improvement it bestows on women whose bodies have been damaged by pregnancy.

A “Mommy Makeover” basically describes surgical correction of pregnancy related damage to the abdominal wall (stomach area) and breasts performed concurrently.

Pregnancy naturally causes stretching of abdominal muscles and skin as the fetus grows. Unfortunately, this often results in bulging or protuberance of the abdomen as well as excess, redundant skin with stretch marks. Weight gain in the abdomen often accompanies pregnancy and can be difficult to shed afterwards. The “tummy tuck” portion of the “Mommy Makeover” addresses these changes by tightening the muscles and removing excess skin and fat.

Pregnancy also naturally causes swelling of the breasts as the mother’s breasts produce milk in anticipation of breast feeding. If breast feeding takes place this engorgement will be more prominent and long-lasting. After pregnancy or breast feeding the breasts usually lose volume, however the skin often does not shrink to accompany this volume loss. This can result in deflated and sagging breasts. To address these changes, there are several options, depending on the patient’s preoperative breast appearance and her desire for the postoperative appearance. The breasts may require lifting alone (mastopexy), lifting with implant placement (augmentation mastopexy), or simply implant placement alone (augmentation). These decisions are made during the consultation. The cost of this portion of the procedure is dependent on the type of breast rejuvenation required to obtain an optimal aesthetic outcome.

Combining these two procedures together has advantages and disadvantages. Pros include decreased cost and a single down time. The cons are longer operative time with its inherent risk of increased complications and a longer, more arduous recovery period. Some patients are more suitable for this combined procedure than others and I can make recommendations for you during a consultation.

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