Juvéderm® in Fredericksburg, VA

Hyaluronic acid helps aged skin look younger. At Ageless Innovations, we offer Juvéderm®, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler for men and women living in Washington DC, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Stafford, Charlottesville and surrounding areas of Virginia.

What is Juvéderm®?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found in the skin and binds with water to add hydration and volume. As you age, your body produces less hyaluronic acid, and this makes your skin vulnerable to developing wrinkles. Juvéderm® contains hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles and lines and restore volume in the lips and cheeks.

What is the Cost of Juvéderm® in Fredericksburg, VA?

Our Juvéderm® treatments start at $398. Your cost is determined after your consultation with Dr. Palmer. Our payment options include cash, personal check, money order, and credit card. You may qualify for our financing options through CareCredit®, United Medical Credit and Prosper™ Healthcare Lending.

What Are the Benefits of Juvéderm®?

  • No surgery required
  • Does not produce scars
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Long-lasting anti-aging benefits

What is Juvéderm® Volbella®?

Juvéderm® Volbella® is specifically designed to add volume to the lips. Dr. Palmer uses this product to add fullness, correct vertical lip lines, and rejuvenate aged lips.

What is Juvéderm® Voluma®?

Whether your cheeks are naturally underdefined or you have lost fat volume due to aging, Juvéderm® Voluma® may be the right injectable product for you. It is specifically formulated for use in the cheek area.

What is Juvéderm® Vollure®?

Nasolabial folds and other wrinkles around the mouth can be treated with Juvéderm® Vollure®. These types of folds are often the first signs of aging.

Is Juvéderm® Right for Me?

Dr. Palmer has chosen Juvéderm® products that correct the most common signs of aging in his patients. Speak with him about your options during a consultation to find out if Juvéderm® is right for you.

How is Juvéderm® Performed?

Juvéderm® is a gel that is injected into the skin. The depth of the injections is based upon the degree of wrinkling, as well as the specific goal of treatment.

What is Juvéderm® Recovery Like?

Juvéderm® does require any downtime or recovery. You may have some swelling, tenderness, and minor discomfort in the area due to the process of injecting the gel into the skin.

Juvéderm® is a leading hyaluronic acid dermal filler that helps with thin lips, shallow cheeks, and nasolabial folds. Dr. R. Shane Palmer offers Juvéderm® for men and women in Washington DC, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Richmond, Charlottesville, and the nearby communities in Virginia. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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