Plus-Size Patients

At Surgical Arts of Virginia, we believe that healthy patients of all sizes should have access to high-quality, affordable cosmetic procedures that support a body positive outlook. Our team, led by Dr. R. Shane Palmer, has experience with a wide range of plus-size surgical procedures. He is known for his interest and expertise in working with patients with higher body mass index and after massive weight loss. Learn more and discover how our services could be a fit for you.

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Palmer performs body contouring procedures on larger patients that are often turned away by other surgeons. If a patient’s health is good in general, then a patient’s size is typically not a reason to turn someone away. We have found body contouring in larger patients to be well tolerated with results that can be quite dramatic, even life changing.

Body contouring in larger patients often requires the acceptance of increased risk of wound complications and a prospective patient in this category must be willing to understand this and accept these increased risks. The risk profile for larger patients is the reason many surgeons will turn them away. We have found that even if a wound complication were to occur, the final result is almost always much better aesthetically than the preoperative appearance and overall positive body image for these patients. We follow all patients closely throughout the recovery period, complicated or not.

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Panniculectomy vs. Modified Abdominoplasty

When an apron of skin and fat develops that overhangs the mons pubis and thighs, this is referred to as a pannus. These can become quite large and do not respond to diet and exercise. They typically interfere with daily living with those affected experiencing self confidence issues, back pain, chronic rash under the pannus, and difficulty in physical activity.

The historical treatment of this disorder is a panniculectomy. This procedure only addresses the pannus itself however, and neglects the aesthetic appearance. For this reason, Dr. Palmer prefers a modified abdominoplasty approach to the pannus. With this procedure, the pannus is removed, but in addition the tissue above is dissected to just above the umbilicus and the umbilicus is transitioned to a more natural appearing location. Also, laxity and fullness in the mons pubis is addressed. This approach has led to 100% patient satisfaction in our patients.

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