Have a tattoo that you now regret?

Maybe it’s the name of an ex, or the cover of an album from a band that you no longer like. Or maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment tattoo that you instantly regretted the next day. No matter what the tattoo, you’re ready to get rid of it – and you want it gone as soon as possible.

Laser tattoo removal is an excellent option for people who are looking to erase regretful permanent ink. Laser tattoo removal works by directly targeting pigments within the skin; light wavelengths break up these pigments over multiple passes. Over time and with multiple treatments, the pigments are eventually absorbed by the skin, causing the tattoo to fade.

The question is, just how long does it take to see results from laser tattoo removal?

The answer depends on the type of tattoo that you’re looking to remove. Tattoos with black ink are the easiest to remove; tattoos with colored pigments are much more difficult to remove. Older tattoos will take more time, while newer tattoos can be removed in fewer sessions.

Ultimately, patients should plan on undergoing between 6 to 10 laser tattoo removal sessions. These laser treatments will be scheduled about 8 weeks apart, so tattoo removal is definitely a lengthy process. However, once the tattoo is gone, you won’t ever have to worry about it again!

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