Breast implants are a fantastic way for women to achieve fuller breasts and improve their confidence by creating a flattering figure. Implants can be smooth or textured and come in all shapes and sizes, but some are better suited than others for each patient’s health and results. For improved health and outstanding results, Surgical Arts of Virginia offers smooth breast implants for women living in Washington DC, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Richmond and Charlottesville.

Differences Between Smooth and Textured Implants

Textured implants were once the go-to for breast augmentations. Over the years, however, textured implants have become associated with increased health risks that, for many, outweigh the benefits. Now smooth implants have become the top choice for plastic surgeons and offer excellent results without the health risks of textured shells.

As the name suggests, textured implants have a more rigid feel to them. Textured implants have a thick, bumpy shell with a feeling that’s akin to sandpaper and come in various shapes and sizes. Because of their textured quality, these types of implants are less likely to move as they grip onto surrounding tissues, allowing them to stay in place. They also reduce the risk of capsular contracture, an issue that occurs when scar tissue constricts the breast implant and causes hardness and distortion.

Despite these qualities, health-related concerns linking textured implants to a rare cancer known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) have caused reputable surgeons to move away from textured shells toward other types that don’t pose this risk. In some countries, the use of textured implants has even been banned. Smooth implants like those used at Surgical Arts of Virginia have a flat surface and thinner shell that doesn’t increase the risk of BIA-ALCL.

Textured implants have other issues as well, including a firmness that makes them feel less natural. Textured implants also provide less natural movement and may be more prone to leaks, folds and ripples. In comparison, smooth breast implants have a soft, slippery shell that allows them to move freely within the breast pocket. This gives them a more natural feel that closely mimics that shape, consistency and movement of natural breast tissue. As trends shift toward preferring a more natural look and feel, smooth implants are becoming favored for these kinds of results.

At Surgical Arts of Virginia, we want your breasts to look their absolute best — in how they feel and how they look. That’s why we offer smooth shell MENTOR® breast implants to those seeking breast augmentation.

What Are MENTOR® Implants?

MENTOR® implants are a line of smooth implants that we offer in either saline or cohesive gel formulas. Patients that receive MENTOR® implants can immediately have beautifully reshaped breasts that’ll gradually improve over time. The use of these implants are excellent for women who want larger breasts, are seeking to add volume to breasts flattened from nursing or need to reconstruct the breasts after breast cancer treatment. The two options we offer come in a variety of sizes and projections, so you can create breasts that’ll be well-suited to your unique figure.

MENTOR® implants offered at Surgical Arts of Virginia include:

MENTOR® MemoryGel Xtra Implants: MemoryGel Xtra implants by MENTOR® resemble the natural feel and form of breast tissue because they’re made with cohesive silicone gel. This implant comes in many different varieties and is suitable for women seeking a more subtle change in size to a more drastic change. The implants are firm but still retain a soft feel that helps mimic the feel of a natural breast. MENTOR® MemoryGel Xtra are breast implants recommended for patients who are at least 22 years of age.

MENTOR® Saline-Filled Implants: Saline-filled implants by MENTOR® offer a flexible, customized treatment for breast augmentation needs. These implants allow patients to fine-tune their implants to their desired size for highly personalized results. The saltwater solution is also soft but firm to the touch with a natural-looking movement. MENTOR® saline-filled implants come in a round shape with three different projection options — from moderate, moderate plus and high profiles, providing the opportunity for patients to have fuller, more enhanced cleavage. These saline-filled implants can be used by patients who are at least 18 years old.

The MENTOR® Implant Advantage

There are currently three different breast implant manufacturers that are FDA-approved in the United States: MENTOR®, Allergan and Sientra. At Surgical Arts of Virginia, we use MENTOR® implants because they go above and beyond to adhere to the highest standards of testing and research. As an industry leader, MENTOR® demonstrates an ongoing commitment to providing safe, high-quality implants by working with physicians, scientists and global health authorities to understand the risks of breast augmentation and help women make informed decisions. Combined with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing proven implant solutions and an extensive line of products, MENTOR® offers superior results for women looking to enhance or restore their breasts.

The two implant options produced by MENTOR® and offered at Surgical Arts of Virginia can be preferential for the price, convenience, and versatility. Women who choose to have MENTOR® implants have the opportunity to have an implant that’s customizable to their needs and feels soft like natural breast tissue. Results are beautiful and sure to make you confident in your figure.

Breast Augmentation at Surgical Arts of Virginia

Dr. Shane Palmer of Surgical Arts of Virginia is a diplomate of The American Board of Surgery and offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures to enhance each patient’s beauty. For breast augmentation, Dr. Palmer uses MENTOR® breast implants for their smooth quality, natural feeling and outstanding results. Under his care and supervision, each patient will enjoy a flattering and natural-looking breast augmentation with MENTOR® implants customized to their unique figure.

If you’re a woman seeking breast augmentation in Washington DC, Fredericksburg, Strafford, Richmond, Charlottesville, or other surrounding areas, please give Surgical Arts of Virginia a call at 540-371-7372 or visit our contact page.