Revision Breast Augmentation: Get the Results You Deserve

Revision breast augmentation is typically performed when someone is dissatisfied with a previous breast implant procedure. The objective is to replace older implants with newer ones which result in a better shape. Quite often, the initial breast augmentation procedure doesn’t result in the desired shape or level of enlargement.

Additionally, there are other issues such as the formation of random curves and the misplacement of the nipple. With time, even the best breast implants become susceptible to sagging as the skin ages and stretches. Whether it is an issue with the previous implant or simply sagging, revision breast augmentation can improve upon the previous operation and meet your expectations.

Reasons to Undergo Revision Breast Augmentation

Some of the major reasons for breast implant revision are mentioned below.

  • Change in size and shape – Everybody has certain unique features and responds to cosmetic surgeries in different ways. In the case of breast implants, the expected increase in size or improvement in shape may not come about with the first choice of implants.
  • Relieving pain – A common condition with breast implants is the tightening and compression of the collagen fiber which puts pressure on the implants, resulting in capsular contracture.
  • Preventing rupture or implant migration – Improperly placed implants can slip out from under the muscles and get lodged in improper locations. Inferior implants are also susceptible to damage and rupture. Such conditions can be easily fixed with a revision procedure.
  • Changes in Implant Style – Different patients have different preferences regarding their implants, based on the risks, age, and appearance. Their preference can change over time due to various reasons resulting in them opting for a revision surgery.

If you face any of the above conditions, then revision breast augmentation might be the right choice for you. Other reasons might include, major fluctuations in weight, change in body shape due to pregnancy, aging and any other form of dissatisfaction with the shape or size of the breasts.

Overview of the Procedure

During an implant revision operation, the plastic surgeon performing the procedure typically makes an incision in the same location that was used for the initial implant. For changes in size and shape, the surgeon might not remove the original implant and might simply shift it around to create room for the new one.

Supporting tissues such as the acellular dermal matrix are needed to support the newly created space.

For patients suffering from capsular contracture, the surgeon removes the contracted capsules and then proceeds to make the implant. Additional incisions might be called for if the patient wishes for a nipple realignment.

The whole procedure takes two to three hours and has about a week-long recovery time. A surgical bra is provided to the patient in order to ensure complete recovery. After the post-surgical swelling reduces and the implants have correctly dropped into their respective locations, you will see the final results of the procedure. The breasts should appear more symmetrical, with a shape and size that fits your expectations.

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