How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

We’re still in the midst of winter – but that doesn’t mean you’re not planning for the summer fun to come. Whether you’re planning on doing some traveling or spending your days by the beach, you’re determined to have the most relaxing and memorable summer yet. That’s why you’re considering laser hair removal! When it […]

Which Procedures Are Typically Included in a Mommy Makeover?

You’ve recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world – congratulations! Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, being a mother is an exhilarating experience. But what might not be so exhilarating is realizing that your body might not be ready to go back to its pre-baby state. It’s no wonder: Pregnancy and childbirth […]

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With ThermiTight?

Do you feel like your skin could use a little tightening – but you’re not exactly ready to go under the knife? Until recently, patients who wanted to correct sagging skin would have to resort to traditional skin tightening surgery to achieve their desired results. However, recent advances in technology have made it possible for […]

Are There Different Types of Liposuction Available?

When you think of liposuction, do you tend to think of a procedure that removes fat from the abdominal and thigh areas? If you answered yes, then you might be interested to know that liposuction has evolved from its past life as a one-size-fits-all surgical procedure. Today, liposuction takes on many shapes and forms, all […]

How Can I Reduce Wrinkles and Sunspots Without Surgery?

Summer may long be over, but that doesn’t mean your face isn’t still showing signs of all that sun and sand. If you’ve noticed the emergence of sunspots (which appear as freckles) and wrinkles, your skin may only now be showing off the sun damage that you accrued over the warmer months. Don’t worry – […]

When Will I See Results From My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Looking for a more contoured and ample booty for 2018 – without resorting to doing hundreds of squats each day? While diet and exercise can help you achieve a more toned body, the truth is that some people may not be genetically blessed with a Brazilian backside. For those people, the best way to get […]

What Issues Can Revision Breast Surgery Address?

For many women, breast augmentation surgery can lead to increased confidence and satisfaction with her appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone has a great experience with breast augmentation surgery; from misshapen implants to unnatural positioning, poorly performed breast augmentation can quickly make a patient feel even more self-conscious about her breasts. If you’re unhappy with the results […]

Am I a Good Candidate For a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Have you thought about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift – but not sure if you’re a good candidate for the procedure? To answer that question, let’s begin by taking a closer look at the Brazilian Butt Lift. This innovative procedure was created in part because, in popular culture, there has been a rise in the popularity of […]

Can I Reduce Wrinkles and Texture Issues on My Face Without Surgery?

If you’ve started to see wrinkles and uneven texture on your facial skin, your first instinct might be to turn to any of the advanced creams available at your local beauty store. While these concoctions might temporarily help alleviate aging skin, the truth is that they often don’t provide the kind of in-depth solution you […]

Which Filler is Right For Me?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the different dermal fillers on the market today. From lip augmenting fillers to injections designed to add facial volume, it can seem as though there’s an anti-aging filler out there for everyone. The trouble is, how can you find out which filler is right for your specific needs? At Surgical Arts of […]