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In addition, Dr. Palmer offers treatment with the Thermi radiofrequency device to aid in destruction of sweat glands. This can target facial and hand sweating as well.

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What is Sweat Lipo?

Sweat Lipo is a new, revolutionary method to permanently reduce or even eliminate embarrassing excessive underarm sweat for people suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis.

What is axillary hyperhidrosis?

The hair bearing area of the axilla (under arm) contains sweat glands that can become over active and produce much more sweat than is normal. This is termed hyperhidrosis. It is quite uncomfortable and embarrassing for those afflicted and can lead to a poor quality of life. Hyperhidrosis can also lead to bromhidrosis or basically a foul odor emanating from the bacteria feeding on the excess sweat; think BO!

How is Sweat Lipo performed?

First, Minor’s iodine starch test is used to define the extent of involvement of excessive sweat production of each axilla’s skin. Then liposuction techniques are used to introduce a narrow (3mm) Cannula into the space below the skin of the axilla. The sweat glands are disrupted by rubbing the cannula against the underside of the skin. This destroys their ability to make sweat. A single puncture wound is all that is needed and no sutures are placed. It is performed in Dr. Palmer’s office and you may go home immediately following the procedure. For our anxious patients, we suggest an oral anxiolytic such as Ativan which we will provide. A driver is needed in this case.

What is the recovery time for Sweat Lipo?

There will be mild swelling and soreness under your arms for a week. Mild bruising is also possible. Temporary numbness under the arm is common. You should be able to return to regular, non-strenuous activity by the following day and full activity by one week. Possible complications include infection and skin burn or necrosis which could lead to scarring (rare).

Treatment of Facial and Palmar Sweating

ThermiTight is a radio frequency device that can be used to target sweat glands of more sensitive areas such as palms of the hands and face. Call for details.

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