Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is one of the newer additions to the cosmetic surgeon’s armamentarium. It is used to replace lost volume in the face and hands, to augment the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), and to fill in depressions left by scars. It can also be used to fill lines caused by skin wrinkling in a new technique known as intradermal fat grafting

The technique involves harvesting fat from the patient’s own body, processing, and immediately injecting the fat in the desired areas. For the face we centrifuge the fat and for larger areas we decant the fat. We typically include platelet rich plasma (PRP) with the face because it helps fat survival and increases healing times.

Fat grafting procedures start at $2,000 for small areas like the face and hands, but generally a liposuction fee is included for larger areas such as the breast and buttocks.


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