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Fat Grafting (Face)

This is one of my favorite procedures to rejuvenate the face because of the amazing transformation that can be accomplished.

The face typically loses volume as we age. This can result in a gaunt, aged look with the youthful oval appearance being replaced by a square face with flattened cheeks and a visible transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek as well as development of smile lines (nasolabial folds). Fat grafting replaces this volume loss with your own fat. The result is fuller cheeks, a smooth transition at the lid/cheek junction, and a lifting effect that attenuates the smile lines. If hollowing of the cheeks is present, this also can be addressed.

In addition to the volume replacement, the overlying skin of the face is rejuvenated by the stem cells naturally present in the transferred fat.

To perform fat grafting to the face, I first select a location to harvest the fat, typically from the lower abdomen. IV sedation and local anesthetic are used for comfort before harvesting the fat. The fat is then prepared by centrifuging then mixed with platelet rich plasma before being injected into the face in precise locations with tiny a tiny cannula. The body will grow new blood vessels into the fat so that it becomes incorporated into the face. This
is a long term solution to restore volume. Other procedures such as resurfacing can be performed simultaneously to enhance the outcome.

If you are looking for profound facial rejuvenation with long term results, then facial fat grafting is for you! Call my office to schedule an appointment with me so we can discuss how fat grafting can help you.

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