Interested in undergoing a tummy tuck procedure?

If so, it’s likely you have a hard time losing weight around your abdomen. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to whittle down your middle after having kids, or hormonal changes have made it almost impossible to get a streamlined stomach. No matter what the reason, a tummy tuck can help address these issues by repairing abdominal damage, removing unwanted fat, and trimming excess skin.

Given that a tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure, many patients often wonder just how much time they should devote to the recovery process. This question is especially relevant for patients who may have young children at home, as lifting objects (and people!) from the ground should be avoided.

So, what exactly can you expect in terms of recovery time for a tummy tuck?

  • The first 3-4 days: During this time, you should minimize movement as much as possible (it’s recommended that you sleep in a recliner chair). Your cosmetic surgeon can prescribe pain medications to help manage any discomfort. After this time, you’ll return to your cosmetic surgeon to see if you’re draining correctly and that your healing has begun.
  • The first two weeks: This amount of time is recommended for the overall recovery process. If possible, take this time from work, as you won’t be able to move around normally or lift objects. You may need to take longer if your job involves manual labor or frequent lifting. Your sutures will be removed during this period.
  • The first month: This time is when much of your swelling and bruising will start to disappear. At this point, you can start resuming normal activity, although you should wait for personal recommendations from your cosmetic surgeon. Final results from your tummy tuck may take up to 6 months to appear.



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