Tuberous Breasts Fredericksburg


Tuberous breasts are breasts in which the lower pole or the portion below the nipple/areola has developed poorly. There is constricting tissue present that has prevented expansion of the lower pole of the breast and shifted the nipple towards the midline (center of chest). Often, there is associated herniation (protrusion) of the nipple/areola complex.

To address tuberous breasts I typically release the constricting tissue in the lower pole and place an implant in the dual plane position (partially below the pectoralis muscle) such that the implant acts as a tissue expander. There is often some residual constricton where the old inframammary fold was, but this improves over time secondary to the implant stretching the skin. The herniation of the nipple often needs to be corrected at the same time.

Please call the office to meet with me and discuss what might be necessary to correct any breast abnormalities you many have.

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