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Long-term Alternative to Neurotoxins

ThermiRase™ is a micro-invasive procedure based on a peer reviewed protocol* to disable the nerves which control the muscles responsible for glabella frown lines. This procedure applies radio frequency energy to selected nerves. In a recent study, the effect lasted more than one year in almost 80% of the subjects, thus validating the opportunity for a long term alternative to neurotoxins.

*Percutaneous Selective Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation of Glabellar Frown Lines Kim, et al Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2011 31:7


How is ThermiRase Performed?

First, the physician will map the nerves using an external nerve stimulator. This will help him to know where to create the lesions during the procedure.

Next, the physician insert the ThermiRF SmartTipTM probe with Injector PortTM under the skin and begin to create lesions along the mapped nerve pathway.
Lesioning is done in three steps:

  • Stimulate (locate the nerve)
  • Inject a drop of local anesthesia
  • Treat – apply heat for about 1 minute

This process is repeated several times until the patient is unable to make a frown.


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