Are you constantly on the lookout for the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skincare? Want to know if there’s really a Fountain of Youth out there that can take years off of your appearance?

The answer is closer than you think – in fact, it’s right in your own body!

Stem cells are unique cell types that are able to adapt and transform into specialized cells. In recent years, stem cells have been researched as a means of repairing damaged tissue, organs, and even skin. Stem cells have been introduced to the cosmetic world in the form of stem cell injections, which help to repair damaged and aging skin by exploding collagen production and speeding up cellular turnover.

When it comes to repairing aging skin, the process is relatively straightforward – as soon as the stem cells are introduced to damaged skin, they get to work replicating and producing healthy skin cells. Within as little as 6 months, skin looks completely renewed and rejuvenated, with fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

At Surgical Arts of Virginia in Fredericksburg, board-certified surgeon R. Shane Palmer, MD offers complimentary stem cell injections to patients who are already undergoing liposuction surgery. Some of the most powerful stem cells can be found in the adipose (fat) tissue; when prepared and injected into the face, neck, and/or décolletage, these stem cells can some of the most obvious signs of aging.

These treatments have been dubbed “nanofat injections,” and they’re already promising to take the world by storm. Dr. Palmer is one of the only surgeons to offer nanofat injections at his cosmetic surgery practice.

Want to learn more as to how stem cell injections can help with aging skin? Contact Surgical Arts of Virginia to schedule your consultation by calling 540-371-7372 or visit our contact us page. All liposuction patients receive complimentary stem cell injections as part of their procedure.