You’ve probably heard a lot about the different dermal fillers on the market today. From lip augmenting fillers to injections designed to add facial volume, it can seem as though there’s an anti-aging filler out there for everyone. The trouble is, how can you find out which filler is right for your specific needs?

At Surgical Arts of Virginia & Ageless Innovations in Fredericksburg, VA, our Master Aesthetician, Kelly Null, takes the time to learn more about what you expect from filler treatment. Rather than treating all patients the same, we look at each patient as an individual – one who requires a different treatment in order to produce their ideal results.

So, if you’re asking which filler is right for you, take a look at how we’ll answer that for YOU:

  • What do you want to treat? Not all dermal fillers are created equally. Some fillers, like Restylane, work best when they’re used to treat the appearance of smile lines and deep folds between the nose and mouth. Other dermal fillers are best at creating volume in key areas of the face, like Juvederm Voluma. That’s why the filler that’s right for you will largely depend on what you’re hoping to treat!
  • What are your expectations? Different dermal fillers will have unique results, so if you’re expecting an injection to last for several months it’s important to find a filler that will provide you with that outcome. Some dermal fillers will last for up to six months while others can last for 18 months. The results depend on where you’re getting the injection, the brand you’re using, and how often you schedule maintenance injections.
  • How significant is your aging? Patients with mild to moderate signs of aging tend to do well with dermal fillers. However, patients who have significant signs of aging – including sagging skin – may want to consider a more advanced treatment to see best results.

Want to learn which dermal fillers are right for you? Contact Surgical Arts of Virginia & Ageless Innovations to schedule your dermal filler consultation by calling 540-371-7372 or visit our contact us page.