Summer may long be over, but that doesn’t mean your face isn’t still showing signs of all that sun and sand. If you’ve noticed the emergence of sunspots (which appear as freckles) and wrinkles, your skin may only now be showing off the sun damage that you accrued over the warmer months.

Don’t worry – sun damage can be treated and without surgery. In fact, the colder winter season is the perfect time to reduce wrinkles and sunspots, since the best treatment for sun damage involves CO2 laser resurfacing, now available at Surgical Arts of Virginia in Fredericksburg, VA.

This non-invasive procedure is one of the most effective treatments for sun damaged skin, particularly because it involves evaporating the topmost layers of the dermis. CO2 lasers work by targeting water molecules within the skin, which are immediately evaporated upon meeting the carbon dioxide laser. The evaporation process is quick and effective, as it helps the skin to shed damaged skin layers.

Additionally, frequent CO2 laser resurfacing treatments can stimulate collagen production, which invigorates cellular turnover for long-term skin rejuvenation.

At Surgical Arts of Virginia, board-certified surgeon R. Shane Palmer, MD is pleased to offer the following CO2 laser resurfacing treatment experiences to his clients:

  • ActiveFX – Good for patients who are looking for a more superficial laser resurfacing treatment
  • DeepFX – A deeper experience for clients who want to target deeper lines and wrinkles
  • TotalFX – A combination of the above two treatments for a more comprehensive approach to laser resurfacing.

Want to learn more on how to treat sunspots and wrinkles without surgery? Contact Surgical Arts of Virginia to schedule your CO2 laser resurfacing consultation by calling 540-371-7372 or visit our contact us page. Board certified surgeon R. Shane Palmer, MD can help you determine if this is a good procedure for you.